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As our globalization becomes more prominent in our society, it’s clear that most Fortune 500 companies and many others have started to hire professionals from developing countries with high talent and lower prices. Interlix Staffing provides the opportunity for small businesses, start-ups, and companies to take part in this new industry.

Our Founding team

Sebastian Paredes

Chief Executive Officer

Winder Sereno

Head of Human Resources

Sheikha Al-Otaibi

Head of Sales

Richard Paredes

Marketing Manager

Proudly founded in Babson College

Welcome to our company, a team of ambitious and driven students from Babson College who have come together to create a business that solves of the current world’s biggest problems. We understand the challenges and demands that come with running a business, which is why we have come up with a solution that can help streamline your operations and take care of the tasks that are holding you back.

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