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Software Developers

  • Full Stack Developer
  • Frontend Developer
  • Backend Developer
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Data Scientist / Engineer
  • Solidity Developers
  • And more

Remote Professionals

  • Sales / BDRs
  • Marketing
  • Virtual Assistants (Data Entry)
  • Administrative Assistants
  • Customer Service
  • Accountants / Bookkeepers
  • And more

How does our Remote Staffing Services work?

DIscovery Call

Discuss Your Business Requirements and Desired Remote Professional Profile with Us.


Our Human Resources team will interview and vet candidates to make sure we have the right qualifications you're seeking. Before providing you with the ideal applicant, they must go through three (3) stages of the selection process.


The Interlix Team Will Introduce You To The Top 1-3 Best Candidates For The Specific Position You Are Looking For. You Will Be Able To Review Their Resume And Portfolios, And Most Importantly Interview Them!


We'll Guide You Through The Onboarding Process, Ensuring Your Remote Professionals Fit Seamlessly Into Your Business.

Discover Your Competitive Advantage with Skilled Remote Workers from Latin America, offering affordability without compromise.

Benefits of Choosing Interlix Staffing

Whether it’s finding a reliable remote professional to streamline administrative tasks or hiring a top-tier software developer to build cutting-edge solutions, we have a diverse talent pool that can meet any requirement.

Our commitment to providing cost-effective solutions goes beyond simply reducing your expenses. By tapping into the talent and capabilities of Latin America, we offer you a strategic advantage that allows you to achieve your goals while keeping your budget in check.

Businesses that work with Interlix have access to a pool of qualified individuals with specific knowledge across a range of industries. Our bilingual talent is unmatched with executive knowledge and premium companies’ candidates in LATAM. Every placement is carried out with a high degree of professionalism and efficiency. 

Meet Our Talent

The most qualified Professionals to join your TEAM!

Our Talent Has Work in the following companies!


Through our rigorous Personnel Selection Process, we ensure that every Remote Professional possesses both English proficiency and the required skill set. You also have the opportunity to conduct interviews with the final candidates before they start their work for you.

Interlix Outsourcing is US-based, hence you would pay using familiar methods and we handle the rest.

In order to maintain transparency and accountability, we employ advanced tracking systems. These systems allow us to monitor the hours worked by our remote professionals and ensure they are consistently engaged in their assigned tasks.

The remote professional can commence work with your company promptly, striving for the shortest possible delay after the recruitment process is concluded.

Our timing is 4-6 days to find the candidates for the specific position

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